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The Blackout [v0.5.0] ((FREE))

Description:The blackout is a temporary period when you don't remember anything. You don't remember why but you passed out on the street. Try to find any good reason to understand what happened while you start your unbelievable adventure.More: Renpy BugsVersion: Updated: 2022-12-26, Posted: 2022-04-05. Request for an Update!

The Blackout [v0.5.0]

The player can get the 'Blackout Survivor' badge by staying alive for 15 minutes inside of the blackout. It is recommended to find a high point or a spot to hide if you aim to get the badge. (This badge might be broken for some people)

v0.5.0Episode 4 - Reflection :This fourth episode is the biggest so far with more than 620 high quality renders and 42 new exciting animations.New locations, new characters, new music, new choices and still an exciting story in this new episode.Bonus content (Accessible to all):- 7 new unlockable bonus renders-Extra content (Accessible for some patrons tiers):- 7 new exclusive renders- General improvement :- Multiple sound design improvements- Few minor improvementsBugfixes :- Fixed a bug where the case didn't disappear in episode 3- Fixed a bug where some players could get stuck in a loop in episode 2- Other minor fixes

The blackout came only two days prior to the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria making landfall in Puerto Rico and proceeding to wreak havoc on its power grid. In addition to severe flooding and destruction of infrastructure, the hurricane caused a power outage that stretched on for months, making it the longest power outage in U.S. history, the severity of which was exacerbated by slow relief efforts from the U.S. government. Additionally, the handling of Puerto Rico in the wake of Maria became one of the biggest scandals of the first year of the Trump administration.

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi confirmed the outage in a Twitter post on Sunday and assured residents that protocols were being enacted to bring power back online. Abner Gomez, head of public safety and crisis management at Puerto Rico's LUMA Energy, also issued a statement saying that the company was working with local government agencies to restore power and that this latest blackout would not be a repeat of 2017. 041b061a72


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